17 Hindu Girls in just 45 days Abducted, Forcefully converted to Islam in Pakistan

The forcefull abductions of people in Pakistan is not a new scenario in the country it happens almost everyday to either Balochs, Ahmedies, Pakhtuns, Pashtoons, Hindus, Christians.

The situation of minorities in Pakistan is detoriyating day by day they are facing numerous problems in their life most common is abduction and forcefull conversion to Islam.

The cases of Hindu and Christian Girls getting abducted, tortured, raped and forcefully converted to Islam in Pakistan is not new but currently on rise.

The incident of two Hindu Girls who were Raped and Forcefully Converted to Islam in Pakistan made a huge outrage on social media platform both in India and Pakistan.

Two hindu sisters Raveena and Reena age 12 and 14 respectively were abducted, tortured forcibly converted and married to local married men in Sindh, Pakistan.

This incident comes on a day when the entire Hindu community was celebrating their festival Holi. The brother of the 2 hindu sisters shamman menghwar sat on a dharna on national highway.

A video surfaced on Social media in which the father of both the Hindu girls was seen crying and urging to police to bring back his daughters.

Soon after this another incident of Sonia Bheel came across the social media users she was abducted by local gang and forcefully converted to Islam in Mirpurkhas and married to a married man in Pakistan.

In just 45 days 17 hindu girls have been abducted, forcibly converted and married to local married mens in Pakistan.

Komal from Tando Allayar, Lakshmi and Sonia From Karachi, Parmeela Mehshwari from Tando Muhammad Khan, Mala Meghwar from Jam Khan Pitafi, Sonia Bheel from Hyderabad, Gaini Kohli from Golarchi Badin, Lachhmi and Gawaari from Tarai Badin, Champa from Budho Qambrani, Reena and Raveena from Ghotki, and Sonia Kumari from Mirpur Khas.

Hindus in Sindh are convinced that minor girls from uneducated, poor backgrounds are being lured into marrying Muslim men from better economic backgrounds, in the hope of imporving their lives. “This idea that Hindus are converting voluntarily doesn’t sit well with the facts,” says an activist on condition of anonymity. “The bottom line is 95% of the conversions involve under-age girls alone”.

“Such converted girls, having no support from parents, are the best bet as permanent slaves. Many a times, sex slaves,”.

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