Another Air Strike By India in Pakistan’s Fort Abbas? Read more

Monday Afternoon Twitter users of Pakistan started tweeting about an incident in Fort Abbas. Pakistani user’s tweeted about Indian Air Force dropping Payload in Fort Abbas area of Pakistan.

The recent clash of India and Pakistan has instilled fear in hearts of people in both the nations. So it was obvious tweets and media reports like this was going to be a matter of grave concern.

Many Twitter users from pakistan started tweeting on the incident sharing a unidentified object claiming to be the bomb or missile.

Dud Artillery
Dud Artillery Shells
Dud Artillery Shells

There was no confirmation of Indian Air Force dropping Payload in Fort Abbas by Indian Air Force or from Pakistani Spokesperson of armed forces. The speculation is still going on what is this unidentified object.

Some people claim this is a mortar shell leftover or a bomb remains. A Pakistani user tweeted that India bombed in Fort Abbas area through Air.

Another user tweeted a video of the area.

So What happened in Fort Abbas

Although nobody can say what really happened in Fort Abbas right now but it looks like this unidentified object are shell remains of payloads dropped by Pakistani Air Force during some military exercise in the area.

These unidentified objects appears to be dud artillery shells fired during military exercise. Indian Air force hasn’t made any claims of another Air Strike in pakistan as of now.

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