Avengers Endgame Trailer is out and Tony Stark is Back on Earth

Marvel Studios dropped the much-awaited Avengers Endgame Trailer on 14th March. The Trailer starts with the voice and visuals of Tony Stark Aka Iron Man from his movie Iron Man.

Tony Stark was seen talking to himself sharing his feeling for pepper potts and the trailer ends with meeting of Thor and Captain Marvel.

What we know from the Trailer

The new Quantum Real suits are dope

Ant-Man came out of Quantum realm

Tony Stark and Nebula are back on Earth

Captain Marvel is Back on Earth

My Predictions for Movie

Avengers will be doing a Time Travel in the movie.

They will try to get hands on all the stones before Thanos.

Captain America will have his last dance with Peggy.

Tony Stark will sacrifice himself for Soul Stone.

Thanos was not shown in this trailer all we know is that he is back on his planet after the showdown in 1st part of the movie.

Check the Trailer Here – Marvel Endgame Trailer

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