#CongressPakistanUnited Trends on Twitter : Read why

The brewing tension between India and Pakistan from past week has scaled political situation in India.

Wednesday morning started with a Air Dog fight between Indian Air Force and Pakistan Air Force.

IAF and PAF both faced casualties in the Air Dog fight an IAF wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman, who shot down the PAF’s F-16 fell inside Pakistan’s boundaries.

Reports are not available right now on how his MIG-21 collapsed. After this incident political fight erupted between BJP and opposition over Abhinandan.

A tweet by Radio Pakistan quoting “21 opposition parties express deep anguish over Modi’s blatant politicization of prevailing security situation”.

This Provoked anger among Twitteraties which lead to #CongressPakistanUnited trend to take over India started by BJP supporters.

In which they criticised Opposition party Congress for giving Pakistan a chance to attack India.

Many twitteratis criticised congress for various reasons.


A user Sonika Sharma criticised congress for not buying Rafale Aircraft for 10 years in UPA Govt.

Aakash Sharma blamed Congress for not upgrading IAF jets.

Shitij Srivastava shared a video which showed congress running ads in Pakistan on its facebook page as “desh bachao, Modi hatao”

Political commentator Shehzad shared a statement of congress leader chellakumar saying Pulwama Attack was an inside job.

Akali Dal MLA Manjinder singh sirsa criticised congress for not buying Rafale Aircraft.

Another user Amit Thadhani talked about presence of Pakistani in Congress social media team.


Another user Jiggs criticised congress for not modernising Indian jets according to current situation.

Some more tweets on criticism of congress on #CongressPakistanUnited Trends.


The current situation between the two nuclear armed countries is very tensed anything can happen in coming days.

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