Every Year 1000 Hindu, Christian girls are raped and forcefully converted to Islam in Pakistan

The Recent story of 2 Hindu Girls Raveena Menghwar and Reena Menghwar who were raped, tortured and forcefully converted to Islam in Dahrki, Sindh area of Pakistan has raised the concern of minorities in Pakistan.

The girls Raveena and Reena age 15 and 16 respectively were abducted and forcefully converted to Islam on the eve of Hindu festival ‘Holi’. The family of girls demanded the return of their daughters. The Sindh police denied to write the FIR against the culprits girls brother chaman lal started sit-in on national highway.

Story of Converted Girls

The man behind this notorious incident Pir Abdul Haq aka Mian Mitho is unknown in the region for running a gang which indulges in these kinds of incidents.

The father of Reena and Raveena was seen helplessly crying outside the police station demanding action against the culprits.

The Sindh province government has passed Sindh Child Marriage restraint act to stop the forced abduction and marriage of girls from minority community.

Every year, Muslim men abduct and forcibly convert about 1,000 girls — mostly Hindus, but also Christians, according to the South Asia Partnership-Pakistan, a local human rights group. About 5,000 Pakistani Hindus leave every year for neighboring India — where 80% are Hindus — to escape religious persecution, according to the Pakistan Hindu Council.

“Muslims in Pakistan will never treat Hindus as their own,” said Meera Bai, a Pakistani Hindu immigrant in New Delhi. “For them, we will always remain the ‘other.’”

“We escaped religious and cultural persecution when we came to India,” she added. “We are happy here. At least here we know that no one will steal our cattle or our young daughters.”

A Christian teenage girl from chand colony in Faisalabad was also kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam. Anguished family says no one is listening to them, asks under which law a 15 year old can convert. Breaks heart to million pieces when the father Javed says “jeendi hai k maar gayi ae.”

Another girl Sonia Bhel, 14-year-old Hindu girl child abducted, forcibly converted in Mirpurkhas. Girl’s family protests against police in-action.

There are thousands of stories about rape, torture and forced conversion of girls from minority communities to Islam from pakistan. The situation is worsening every passing day the minorities are living in fear of getting abducted and tortured in Pakistan.

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