India does Another Strike and neutralised terrorist

Indian Army carried out a mega operation to eliminate threats posed by insurgents along the Indo-Myanmar border. Joint operations between the Indian and Myanmar armies were carried out from February 17 and March 2 to thwart a threat to a mega infrastructure project vital for the Northeast. The threat was from an insurgent group in Myanmar.

The Indian Army silently carried out a major operation on the eastern front targeting the so-called Arakan Army, an insurgent group reportedly being raised by the Kachin Independence Army, which is designated as a terrorist group by Myanmar.

The mega Kaladan Project was under threat from the Arakan Army. The Kaladan Project is a transit project will connect Kolkata to Sitwe port in Myanmar.

The Indian Army planned a mission to flush out insurgent groups that had set up bases south of Mizoram in Myanmar. Large scale joint operations were launched by the Indian and Myanmar armies.

What Happened in the Strike

The first phase targeted newly constructed camps bordering Mizoram.

Part two targeted the deadly Naga group, NSCN (K); its their camps were destroyed up north around 1000 kms away bordering Arunachal Pradesh.

The deployment for the operation included Special Forces of the Indian Army, Assam Rifles and other infantry units.

The Arakan Army along with KIA is part of the coalition of insurgent groups called the Northern Alliance said be supported by China.

NSCN (K) is Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang (NSCN-K) and a designated terror group in India.

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