India Get’s it’s National War Memorial after 60 years.

The Armed forces will get their national war memorial (NWM) today, which was proposed in the 1960’s to honour the soldiers who have laid down their lives for the nation since 1947.

The war memorial is constructed in the princess park, Tilak Marg, Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule Marg Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110001.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had attacked previous UPA Govt for their laziness and dragging their feet on national war memorial.

This national war memorial will fulfill one of the longest demand by armed forces, who use to often feel slighted by the political – bureaucratical combination.

Irony is the magestic India Gate was build by Britishers to honour the sacrifice of indian soldiers in world War – I and the afghan campaign.

This national war memorial will have the names of soldiers who were martyred in 1947-48 Jammu and Kashmir operations, 1962 war, 1965 war, 1971 war and in 1999 kargil conflict.

The national war memorial will have names of more than 22,500 soldiers who have made the sacrifice in national interests and in defence of the sovereignty and integrity of the country since 1947.

The layout of the National War Memorial comprises 4 concentric circles:

1stAmar Chakra or Circle of Immortality
2ndVeerta Chakra or Circle of Bravery
3rdTyag Chakra or Circle of Sacrifice
4thRakshak Chakra or Circle of Protection.

The total cost of this National War Memorial is reportedly around 500 crores ($70 Million). The day is of rejoice for the Armed forces finally they get what they deserved in the heart of Delhi, their own national war memorial after 60 years of wait.

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