Lockheed Martin burst the fake news spread by Pakistan

The recent clash between India and Pakistan raised tension in the region. Claims, counter claims were made by media and journalists of both the countries.

The war jingoism on both sides led to create and spread fake news from people on various social media platforms. The Air Dog fight between Indian Air Force and Pakistan Air Force was used as point scoring on social media from people of both sides.

The claim of Pakistan Air Force shooting down 2 Indian Aircraft was bursted by Indian Air Force sources and soon they had to reiterate from their comments.

Indian Air Force claimed that their Air Force wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman shot down Pakistan’s F-16 with his MIG-21 Bison.

In the press briefing by the joint army chief’s they claimed they have electronic signatures of F-16 of breaking LOC. Air Force chief showed a remains of a AMRAAM missile which is fitted on F-16.

Late night Danyal Gilani a civil cervant and chairman of central film censor board spread a fake news quoting a website – “F-16 manufacturer Lockheed Martin to file law suit against false Indian claims & expresses annoyance over the factually incorrect claim of Shooting Down of F-16 by IAF. Says all F-16 on Pakistani inventory r well counted for”.

Lockheed Martin’s official Indian Twitter account replied to Danyal Gilani – Lockheed Martin has made no such comments.

To which Danyal Gilani Deleted his original tweet and later replied – Thank you @LMIndiaNews. I acknowledge the statement is wrongly attributed to you. I picked it from a website. I take it back. However, I stand by Govt of #India’s failure to prove it downed a #Pakistani F-16. Indian media & journalists have caught #Indian govt disinformation.

The current situation between India and Pakistan will continue to create more dis-information and more fake news on various social media platforms.

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