Modi 4 New India is trending all over India #Modi4NewIndia

Twitter users on Wednesday morning started the trend #Modi4NewIndia with aim to increase support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Many users shared the achievement of Modi Government in these 5 years the trend was started by BJP India’s main Twitter handle @BJP4India.

A user Nishant shared various achievements of Modi Government in single tweet mentioning about LPG Connection, Electricity Connection, Number of people availed Mudra Loan, Number of Airports built, Road constructed etc.

BJP India’s handle tweeted about Aayushman Bharat telling how it’s helping people in rural area.

Minister of Railways and Coal asked citizens to share their suggestions for better India.

Another user Sandeep Singh shared how Mudra yojna and Startup Yojna is transforming lives of people.

Minister of Human Resource Development Prakash Javdekar shared achievements of his Ministries.

Another user Dharamveer talked about how Modi Govt helped farmers.

Shobha Karandlaje talked about how internal security has been impressively in last 5 years, she shared the data how no major terrorist attacks took place in India

Khemchandra Sharma told how Modi Govt gave 10% reservation to people from general class.

The way how Supporters of BJP use social media to convey the achievements of their government is impressive, they are way ahead of their opponents in use of all social media platforms especially when it comes to Twitter.

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    ५६ माह सबका साथ।सबका विकास
    मोदी सरकार ने विकास की नई परिभाषा गढ़ी।
    ६६ साल में पहली बार पूर्ण निष्ठा।लग्न।ईमानदारी
    पूर्ण पारदर्शिता से तेज़ गति से काम करने वाली सरकार।जय हो

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