Pak PM Imran Khan begs to India’s PM Narendra Modi read why

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday in a rally called out pakistani minister Imran khan and said – When Imran Khan took the oath as PM of Pakistan, I called him and congratulated on his victory in elections.

I also said you “Imran khan are a pathan and pathan usually keep their words” i want you to take action against terrorism in your country.

Now Imran Khan times here for you to keep your words as pathan and fight poverty and illiteracy together with India instead of fighting each other.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday responded to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments given a day earlier and assured him that he stands by his words that if India provides Pakistan with “actionable intelligence” regarding the February 14 attack in Kashmir’s Pulwama, “we will immediately act”.

Imran Khan also begged to prime minister narendra modi and said he wishes to see stability in the region, saying Modi should “give peace a chance”, according to a statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office.


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