#PakPremiPatrakaar Trends on Twitter : Read what users Tweeted

Early morning trend on Twitter in India was #PakPremiPatrakaar, Twitter user’s were furious over Indian journalists for their biased reporting.

The reason for their anger was the amount of love some Indian journalists peddled out for Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan for his face-saving move to release wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

Some Indian journalists were criticising Indian pm Narendra Modi and praising love for imran khan after the news of release of Abhinandan Varthaman came in, Journalists took Twitter as a platform for their biased views.

Twitter user cramped down the agenda of those journalists with their tweets. Indian journalists are one of the most biased and brainless journalists among world journalists.

Abhinandan Varthaman was in Pakistan’s captivity he didn’t utter a word about his personal information, but then comes Indian journalists they digged out his all info and posted it on their respective social media handles and wrote articles about it on their news blog.

Friday morning people started tweeting with #PakPremiPatrakaar to call out those journalists.

Twitter user Niraj Singh tweets a photo and writes – this is a classic example where anti Modi gang becomes anti India gang.


Harsh Garg criticised journalist Rajdeep through his tweet.


Divya Mehta calls some journalists as traitors of India.


Pradeep singh used his satirical tweet to criticise journalist.

A user Rita putting out facts about Pakistan.


Akshay singh posts video of Pak debate and criticises Indian journalists.

Another user Anil Kumar taking down another journalist.

Sonika Sharma expresses her anger through her tweet.

In the last all I want to say is being a journalist means to convey truth to people no matter what, but it doesn’t means to impose your thoughts on the masses.

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