Twitter users Slam Sonam Kapoor for her controversial post

Actress sonam kapoor is back on Twitter and post something unusual for which she is being criticised on social media.

Sonam kapoor shared propaganda page humans of hindutva post on her instagram story.

Twitter users after checking controversial post criticised sonam kapoor for sharing this post on Instagram.

Sonam kapoor knows how to stay in media limelight and this time she is using the current tension on Borders between India and Pakistan.

The post of Humans of Hindutva is a take on ruling BJP government supporters. Humans of hindutva compares Islamic fundamentalist with Hindu fundamentalist by using wrong analogy.

Ankur Singh shares the post and writes – So Sonam Kapoor and actor Imran Khan’s wife are using post of Bigot FB page Humans of Hindutva.

Paid posts?

Rishi Bagree calls out Sonam kapoor as most successful failure of our times.

User BING criticised Sonam kapoor in best possible way.

Another Twitter user Sanjay soni criticises both Sonam kapoor and her father Anil kapoor in his tweet.

A user named Certified Engineer writes – Average Indian has nothing in common with Average pakistani with the exception of Sonam Kapoor whose heart beats for them.

Another user P D tweets Sonam kapoor calling herself ‘Average Indians’ is an insult.

User Upasana Singh goes further and says she might have been payed by Pakistan for this post.

Some more post criticising sonam kapoor for her absurd post.

I can’t comment on acting talent of sonam kapoor but she is certainly very talented in creating controversy.

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