Wheelchair Cricket Match Takes place in India

A Wheelchair Cricket match was organised in Bengaluru, Karnataka in India. The organisers were Firefox Bikes, Volunteer 4India and Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundations a non profit organisation that promotes inclusion by enabling persons with disability and able bodied people to participate in adventure sports together.

Adventures BB run a Everyday Ability movement which aims to build connection between disabled and abled people to come together through exciting adventures. The organisation aims to end stereotypes regarding disabled people.

On Saturday Morning Adventures BB organisation organized a Wheelchair Cricket at Huskur, Gulimangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560099.

A good number of students registered for the Wheelchair Cricket match.

A Twitter trend started with #EverydayAbility on which users tweeted about this exciting match.




Twitter users applauded this initiative of Firefox Bikes and Adventures BB. Events like these should take place more often to end the stereotypes regarding disabled rather call them Specially-abled people in India and around the world.

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